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    Breeland Speaks

    After taking some time to do some deeper research into the Chiefs draft, I’ve come away with my grade for GM Brett Veach’s first effort running the draft.  If we are just judging this based solely on the players and what pick they were taken, this draft grades out as a “C” for me.  However, if we factor in the three trade ups that were made by Veach, the overall grade is lowered to a “D”.  Not a great effort your first attempt Mr. Veach.


    Let’s begin with the players themselves.


    Round 2 pick 46

    DE Breeland Speaks, Mississippi

    Reaction: Reach

    The Chiefs seem to view Speaks as an OLB in their 3-4 defense, drawing comparisons to Tamba Hali.  I just don’t see it.  Speaks looks like a 4-3 DE who could possibly kick inside to DT on obvious passing downs.  If the Chiefs are right and he develops into a stellar OLB the way Hali did, then this is a fine pick at a position that desperately needs an infusion of youth and talent.  If this pick is what I think it is, the Chiefs grabbed a guy who might be good for about five sacks a season in a rotational role.  I had him as 4th round talent.  Factor in the trade up that occurred (the Chiefs swapped pick 54 for 46 and downgraded pick 78 to pick 100 as compensation), and this pick becomes an even greater reach.  The value of the trade was fine, but the player they took I would imagine would have been there at 54.


    Round 3 pick 75

    NT Derrick Nnadi, Florida State

    Reaction: Appropriate value

    Nnadi was one of my favorite NT’s in this draft due to his fantastic production as a run defender, something the Chiefs desperately need.  I selected Nnadi in the 3rd round to the Chiefs in many mock drafts.  That being said, the Chiefs traded pick 122 away to move up from pick 86 to 75 to select Nnadi.  Is he really worth both a 3rd and a 4th round pick?  That’s a stretch to me.


    Round 3 pick 100

    LB Dorian O’Daniel, Clemson

    Reaction: Appropriate value

    When I look at O’Daniel’s senior season film, he reminds me of Donnie Edwards.  This is probably my favorite of the six selections the Chiefs made.  O’Daniel should make an instant impact in dime defense and special teams.


    Round 4 pick 124

    FS Armani Watts, Texas A&M

    Reaction: Solid value

    The main knock on Watts is his shoddy tackling.  That being said, he is an absolute ball hawk who finished his career with 16 total turnovers forced.  He has a shot to start as a rookie if he can get past Daniel Sorensen and Eric Murray.


    Round 6 pick 196

    CB Tremon Smith, Arkansas State

    Reaction: Appropriate value

    One of the late fast-risers in this draft, the Chiefs are hoping the ball hawking Smith can help them replace some of the turnover production that CB Marcus Peters is no longer here to provide.  I felt this was a reach initially, but like the Chiefs, the more I research Smith, the more I like him.


    Round 6 pick 198

    OG Kahill McKenzie, Tennessee

    Reaction: Big reach

    Yes, you can commit a “reach” this late when you are trading up to do it.   This time, Veach sent two 7th rounders, (numbers 233 and 243) for the right to move into pick 198 and take this kid.  My question is simply this:  why?  With LSU’s Will Clapp and Alabama’s Bradley Bozeman still shockingly on the board this late, drafting a guy to play OG who never lined up on the offensive side of the ball his entire college career seemed ludicrous to me at the time.  It still does.


    Unfortunately, after trading up four separate times in 2017 and then following that up with three trade ups  this year, Veach has set an awful precedent.  He has proven to the savvy GM’s in this league that he is their patsy when it comes to trading down.  Veach does not sit tight and wait for the draft to fall to him and that will be his downfall.


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